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Aircraft Survival Kits and Aviation Emergency Equipment

Aviation survival kits and emergency survival gear for aircraft is all we do and we do it better than anyone else. That's why our customers include NASA, the FAA, the National Park Service, Cessna, State Aviation Departments and hundreds of pilots around the world.  Every piece of equipment in our aviation survival kits has been chosen and extensively field tested by pilots. The survival kits, SPOT Satellite Messengers, Personal Locator Beacons, Nomex Survival Vests, 406 MHz PLBs, and other survival equipment we carry are all top quality gear that works when you need it to most.   We would be glad to build a custom survival kit to meet your particular needs or answer any questions about survival equipment. If you are looking for any survival equipment that you do not see on our site give us a call or send an email. We may well already have it in stock and can certainly offer it to you at very competitive prices.

Everyone, whether flying around the pattern or around the world, should have survival kit in their airplane. Choose a survival kit you know you can depend on because your life might depend on it. Choose a Prepared Pilot survival kit!

"After years of being a pilot and a search and rescue paramedic I know how hard it can be and how long it can take to find a missing person or aircraft. Having a high quality well equipped Prepared Pilot survival kit can help you be found days earlier and in much better condition if you should ever need help. The Wilderness Aviator Survival Kit is the one I keep in my airplane to keep my family safe." - Rob Hunter, President, Prepared Pilot


Prepared Pilot Suspends Internet Sales

At this time Prepared Pilot, LLC is suspending internet sales while we concentrate on fulfilling the needs of our military, government and corporate clients.

Delorme inReach SE available
The inReach SE is in our opinion the best emergency communication device on the market. With the push of a button you can summon help to your exact location. By sending text messages via inReachSE and satellite you can communicate with emergency responders to give them more information about your situation and needs. They in turn can send text messages back to you so you will know they are on their way. Of course, if you are not having an emergency you can use the same technology to keep in touch with friends and family at home from anywhere in the world that you have a view of the sky.

$50 Rebate on inReach 2-Way Satellite Communicator
Until June 30, 2013 DeLormne and Prepared Pilot are offering a $50 Rebate on the life saving inReach Satellite Communicator. 
While your average smartphone is great in the 10% of the world that has cell phone coverage, they dont always work where we fly. With inReach you’re connected everywhere. Whether you’re flying across the country or across the world, you’ll have reliable coverage — with the world’s only truly global network. Unlike Globalstar and SPOT products the inReach works everywhere on the planet with a view of ths sky.  Unlike PLBs or SPOT messengers inReach is a 2-way device so it can both send and receive messages.  With PLBs or SPOT devices you are never really sure your message was received.  This limited time rebate and the free shipping that we offer on the inReach 2-Way Satellite Communicator makes now the perfect time to order one from Prepared Pilot.

We are BUSY!
We take pride in providing the best aviation survival kits at a great price and lots of people have been noticing. Government, Military, Law Enforcement, Medical, Corporate and individual pilots around the world are using our survival kits. The increase in business at this time of year along with some manufacturers being back ordered is making it harder for us to get survival kits shipped out as quickly as we would like. Occasionally it takes us about a week before we are able to ship orders out. Thank you for your continued business, support and understanding while we do our best to get your order shipped out as quickly as possible.

New DeLormne inReach Satellite Communicator at Prepared Pilot
inReach is the first affordable two-way satellite communicator with send-and-receive texting, Follow-me/Find-me tracking and location, and 100% global coverage.inReach is an award-winning solution to the limitations of cell phone coverage, and the shortcomings of one-way satellite messengers and beacons. Use inReach by itself for 2-way personal and SOS communication with message delivery confirmation, and remote Follow-me/Find-me tracking and location, anywhere in the world. For enhanced 2-way send-and-receive text messaging, inReach can be paired with an iPhone®, iPad®, iPod touch® (iOS devices) and with Android phones and tablets. Because inReach uses the Iridium satellite network, it provides 100% global coverage, with no gaps or fringe coverage areas that limit one-way satellite messengers. inReach is buoyant, waterproof to 3 meters, and impact-resistant to military standards. It fits in the palm of your hand and weighs just 8 oz. including batteries.

Free Shipping on SPOT

Use Coupon Code "shipping" during the checkout process to get free shipping on your  DeLormne inReach, SPOT Connect or SPOT 2 Satellite GPS messenger. Only one coupon code can be used per order. Free shipping applies to ground shipping to the lower 48 states.

The New SPOT 2 Satellite GPS Messenger is Here!

The greatly improved new SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger™  includes the following new features designed to enhance customer usability:

•    30% smaller and lighter than the original model at 5.2 ounces
•    New enhanced satellite antenna for improved performance in foliage or canopied environments
•    Advanced GPS performance chipset
•    GPS Acquisition light
•    “Message Sending” indicator light
•    Dedicated GPS Tracking button
•    New, dedicated pre-programmable Custom Message button
•    Protective covers over S.O.S and Help button to prevent inadvertent message transmissions
•    Illuminated buttons
•    Choice of orange or silver
•    Included case and neoprene fastening band


ACR PLB credited with stranded hiker's survival!

A NPS ranger said "the PLB probably saved his life" after a man stuck on a cliff face in freezing temperatures uses his ACR PLB to call for help. The ACR PLB he used was very similar to the ACR AeroFix PLBs carried by Prepared Pilot.  You can read the full story as told by the park ranger here.


Laser Flare - Smaller, Lighter , Longer Lasting.

This new Laser Flare rescue light the RLL012-01 raises the bar of night time signaling. It is a mere 2.24 ounces but lasts and amaziing 40 hours on one easily replaced lithium battery. It is visible up to 20 miles away at night and 3 miles during the day.


"When I investigated your Wilderness Aviator Survival Kit I found everything a pilot needs to cope with the hazards of a survival situation.... I have found your kit to far exceed my expectations and it exceeds the minimum list of items that I recommend. I heartily endorse it (and the ACR AeroFix Personal ELT with the built-in GPS). Thanks for providing a tool that is functional and provides peace of mind wherever I fly." - Sparky Imeson, Gold Seal Flight Instructor, Author of 18 best selling aviation books including Mountain Flying Bible. You may read the complete letter here.


"I always look at so called survival kits in catalogs. Most are cheap in quality and leave much to be desired for content. The Prepared Pilot kits have the real equipment a pilot will need if they are stranded in the wilderness." - Darren Hunsaker, Pilot, Commander Salt Lake County Search and Rescue

"I hope I never have to use a survival kit but should the time come when I need one it is reassuring to know I have the best one available." - Jerald Boseman, Pilot

"Prepared Pilot survival kits contain no useless gadgets as are often found in other kits. Based on his professional training and long experience, Rob has assembled this kit with only the highest quality components - all designed to assist you in almost any type of emergency. I would not consider a cross country trip without a Prepared Pilot survival kit on board." - Steve Durtschi, CFI, President Utah Back County Pilots

Why do I need a Survival Kit?

There are about 1,500 general aviation accidents every year and many situations that require the use of a survival kit with out involving an accident such as a forced landing with out any aircraft damage. A study by the Air Force Rescue Coordination Center found that even pilots that are not injured, have only a 50% chance of surviving 72 hours. The average time from when an airplane is reported missing to the time it is found is 62.57 hours if it is not on a flight plan. With better survival equipment you will be rescued much quicker and your chances of surviving go up dramatically.

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